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“When you want to win a game, you have to teach. When you lose a game, you have to learn.” ~~ Tom Landry

We have been together for sixteen weeks and are on the cusp of making excellence a habit. Most behaviorists consider seventeen weeks the yardstick for establishing a new habit. I imagine there are some of the past sixteen week exercises that have provided paradigm shifts and excited you. I am also sure that some of those same areas have not had any action applied.

This is human nature and stems from a few main reasons. Generally, strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the very same coin. The paradigm shifts were most significant to you because they are so far from what you already know and do. That very distance makes taking action so challenging. Set that against a backdrop of competing deadlines, uncertainty of where and how to start, and add fear of failure and success and it is no surprise that those actions we most want to take slip by.

My commitment to you is to lay out fifty two weekly strategies you can use. They each build on the other. Maybe not week-after-week since that only grows in one direction. They are designed to grow you from the inside out and expand all areas.

This is a good moment in the process for self-reflection and assessment. Sadly, some of the regular readers have already given up. Others take the perspective of being entertained by the material—even as they want more. Many are not adding any additional skills although they may apply some pieces here and there.

A few are keeping pace and are actively developing along. I read your emails and applaud you for that.

For the vast majority there is a missing ingredient to introduce this week and I ask you to consider that, as well.

Employees have bosses. They make sure otherwise unwilling people do what needs to be done. Students have teachers. Athletes have coaches. Many us are entrepreneurs and only have ourselves. I am asking you to find a workout partner.

Ideally, you should communicate briefly with this person at the end of every day. This is the most productive time. It can be as little as a five-minute conversation. Share your successes and listen to theirs. Share your frustrations, challenges, concerns, dreams, etc. Ideally this person should be someone you respect. At the very least you should communicate with this person weekly covering the same topics.

Why accept mediocrity when excellence is an option?

If you belong to a formal networking group the foundation for this relationship already exists. You may or may not be taking advantage of that aspect. Here are some questions to ask to identify the accountability partner for you:

  1. Who do you respect as a business colleague?
  2. Who would be willing to push you and not be afraid to challenge you?
  3. Who would you not want to disappoint?
  4. Who is also interested in networking their business so that you can be accountability partners for one another?
  5. Who knows your tendency to procrastinate?
  6. Who can you rely on to follow-through on their commitment to you?
  7. Who has the time and willingness to help you?

 Once you have identified someone here is a radical idea I am going to propose. Stop reading this blog for the weeks going forward. Find that partner and go back to the beginning. Work together entry by entry. If you catch up with me—great! I’ll still be here. If you are lagging behind—great! Move at a pace that works for you both. Use this blog as a guideline for success. You will likely find that some areas you can both breeze through while others may take two, three, or four weeks. I set the arbitrary pace of a weekly entry to keep you engaged. Now it is up to you to put that in gear at a pace you will actually use. I won’t mind if you start over. Get the most from the material by establishing success habits and the surest way to do that is with an accountability partner.

 © 2017 by Stephen Hand of Triangle BNI.
All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Stephen Hand of Triangle BNI.


Written by bniguy

April 23, 2017 at 4:23 am

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